Via Arco del Grecale 9/11 - 33054 Lignano Pineta (Ud)
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Where is the Hotel?

The hotel is situated in the heart of Lignano Pineta, a few steps away from the central Piazza del Sole and only 100 metres away from the beach.

What time is check-in possible?

Check-in is possible since 10.00 and it is immediately possible to go to the beach on the arrival date.

What time are rooms available on the day of the arrival?

Since 12.00

What time rooms have to be left on the day of departure?

Within 10.00

What time is breakfast?

Since 7.30 until 10.00

What time does the Hotel close?

Reception is open from 7.00 until 24.00. In the night it is possible to enter independently using an electronic key.

Has the Hotel a parking?

Yes, there is a parking on the back of the Hotel.

Is beach service included in the price?

For all rooms it is included a sun umbrella and two sun beds in the price, whereas the single rooms share the sun umbrella.

May I use the sun umbrella after leaving the room?

The sun umbrella is not available on the departure day, except eventual availability.

Are pets allowed?

Small animals are allowed respecting quiet of other guests and as long as they do not damage furniture of the hotel.

How can I book a room?

Through an e mail to the following address:

Or telephoning to 0431- 423881 or 0431- 428816 or 347 4668570.

Is it possible to pay with credit card?

We accept all credit cards except for American Express.

How can I send a deposit?

When required, it is possible to send a deposit through a bank transfer and require all necessary information writing to our e mail address